Collect. Czech. Chem. Commun. 1985, 50, 553-558

Kinetics of pH equilibration in solutions of hydrogen carbonate during bubbling with a gas containing carbon dioxide

Karel Lívanský

Department of Autotrophic Microorganisms, Microbiological Institute, Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, 379 01 Trebon


The kinetics of the title process is approximated by differential equations based on kinetic and equilibrium data for carbon dioxide. The course of pH after a sudden change of the concentration of CO2 in the gas is calculated by numerical integration. The course of pH during absorption of CO2 is different from that during desorption. The course of pH during desorption calculated on the assumption that the rate of the noncatalysed hydration of CO2 is sufficient to ensure chemical equilibrium is in good agreement with experimental data from the literature. During absorption of CO2 in a solution of hydrogen carbonate, the chemical reaction rate is sometimes insufficient to ensure chemical equilibrium prior to pH measurement.