Collect. Czech. Chem. Commun. 1984, 49, 673-679

Decomposition of peroxobenzoic acid in benzene catalyzed by transition metal 2,4-pentanedionates

Pavel Lederer, Eva Mácová and Josef Vepřek-Šiška

Institute of Inorganic Chemistry, Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, 160 00 Prague 6


The decomposition of peroxobenzoic acid in benzene was studied, and catalytic effects of Fe(III), Mn(III), Co(II), Co(III), and Cr(III) on the reaction rate and the composition of the reaction mixture were investigated. An analogous experiment carried out in perdeuterobenzene and determination of the distribution of deuterium in the reaction products provided evidence for the participation of the solvent in peroxobenzoic acid decomposition.