Collect. Czech. Chem. Commun. 1983, 48, 2627-2635

A two-point regulator control of a chemical reactor; Cooling system with a large inertia - PD algorithm

Josef Horák, František Jiráček and Libuše Ježová

Department of Organic Technology, Prague Institute of Chemical Technology, 166 28 Prague 6


The effect has been investigated of the gain of the derivative element of a PD controller on the quality of the temperature control of an exothermal reaction mixture in a batch reactor. The investigation concerned a reactor equipped with a cooling system whose rate of response could be varied in the range of several orders of magnitude. The results have lead to the conclusion that a slow response of the coolong system is difficult to make up for by using more sophisticated control algorithms. For the slow response of the cooling system the range of gain of the controller providing for a safe temperature control is narrow leaving essentially no margin for its practical utilization. The study combined simulation on a mathematical model with experimental verification of a laboratory scale reactor cooled by a submersible retractable cooler.