Collect. Czech. Chem. Commun. 1983, 48, 2263-2268

Isopropylbenzene decomposition and high temperature adsorption of pyridine on hydrorefining catalysts

Rafael López, Iran Ramos, Victor Villalba and Juan José García

Centro de Investigationes Quimicas, Washington 169, Cerro, La Habana, Cuba


The acidic properties of various oxidic and sulphided hydrorefining catalysts have been studied by means of isopropylbenzene decomposition at 400 °C in a pulse reactor, and of the adsorption of pyridine at 300 °C. Isopropylbenzene reacted in two parallel reactions, forming benzene and propene by cracking, and α-methylstyrene by dehydrogenation. Sulphidation influences more the strength than the concentration of acidic sites. A correlation between the rate constants for the cracking of isopropylbenzene and the b constants of Langmuir isotherm for pyridine adsorption is presented.