Collect. Czech. Chem. Commun. 1983, 48, 827-837

The use of the theory of statistical moments for a description and evaluation of noble gase breakthrough in carbon adsorbent beds

Ludmila Wilhelmová, František Cejnar and Zdeněk Dvořák

Institute of Radiation Dosimetry, Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, 180 86 Prague


The values of the first-fourth statistical moments have been determined of the argon, krypton and xenon breakthrough curves, which were measured on the active carbon Supersorbon HS and the carbon adsorbent Jado LD 1191 beds, at temperatures 298-473 K, by means of elution gas chromatography. The application of the Gram-Charlier series - including the first-fourth statistical moments - enabled to describe satisfactorily the breakthrough curves over the whole range of outlet concentrations of the studied gases. On the basis of the theory of statistical moments, selected parameters, characterizing the dynamic adsorption in the studied systems were determined. The obtained parameters allowed to compare and evaluate the properties of the adsorption beds of both adsorbents - especially with respect to their possible use as a packing in the delaying line units of radioactive noble gases.