Collect. Czech. Chem. Commun. 1983, 48, 550-559

Adsorption phenomena in solutions of some anthraquinonesulfonic acids: Factors responsible for postwaves

Eugeniya Savenkoa and Gurami Tedoradzeb

a Technological Institute, Moscow
b Institute of Electrochemistry, Academy of Sciences USSR, 117 071 Moscow, USSR


The comparison of the adsorption of anthraquinone-1,5-disulfonic, anthraquinone-1-sulfonic acids and respective reduced compounds shows that the appearance of polarographic adsorption waves is connected with partial (in the case of postwave) and complete (in the case of prewave) inhibition of the reduction process by the reduction products. The number of electrons involved in the reaction has been determined (n = 2 and 4 for di- and monoacid, respectively). Using rotating disc electrode the order of the electrode reaction equal to one has been found.