Collect. Czech. Chem. Commun. 1983, 48, 3396-3401

NMR spectra (13C and 29Si) as a probe into the electronic structure of cyclopropylsilanes

Jan Schramla, Micheline Grignon-duboisb, Jacques Dunoguèsb, Harald Janckec, Günter Engelhardtc and Václav Chvalovskýa

a Institute of Chemical Process Fundamentals, Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, 165 02 Prague 6-Suchdol, Czechoslovakia
b Universite de Bordeaux I, 33 405 Talance, France
c Central Institute of Physical Chemistry, Academy of Sciences of the GDR, 1199 Berlin-Adlershof, GDR


29Si and 13C NMR chemical shifts are reported for cyclopropyl derivatives with the structure (CH3)3-nRnSiC3H5 where R = OSi(CH3)3 and OCH3. He carbon chemical shifts show substituent effects which are intermediate between those found in the corresponding vinyl and ethyl silanes. The 29Si chemical shifts, however, do not provide any evidence for back bonding between the cyclopropane ring and the silicon atom.