Collect. Czech. Chem. Commun. 1982, 47, 1997-2003

Kinetic investigation of cyclization of 1-acetyl-1'-(X-cinnamoyl)ferrocenes

Štefan Tomaa, Anton Gáplovskýb and Jozef Federiča

a Department of Organic Chemistry
b Institute of Chemistry, Comenius University, 842 15 Bratislava


Ten substituted 1-acetyl-1'-(X-cinnamoyl)ferrocenes were prepared and the kinetics of their cyclization to 3-aryl[5]ferrocenophane-1,5-diones was investigated. Cyclizations are the first order reactions with respect to the starting compounds ΔH##f ~ 85 kJ mol-1 and -ΔS##f ~ 40 to 60 J mol-1. The log k well correlated with σ constants, and ρ (0.83) is virtually temperature independent in the studied 35-55 °C interval.