Collect. Czech. Chem. Commun. 1982, 47, 535-542

Human hemopexin. Preparation of the heme-rich protein

Ladislav Moráveka, Josef Borváka, Karel Grünera, Bedřich Melouna, Petr Štropa, Zbyněk Hrkalb and Miloš Pokornýc

a Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry, Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, 166 10 Prague 6
b Institute of Haematology and Blood Transfusion, 128 20 Prague 2
c Institute of Sera and Vaccines, 100 00 Prague 10


A simplified procedure was developed for the preparation of hemopexin from Cohn fraction IV obtained from partially hemolyzed pooled samples of serum. The method is based on precipitation with rivanol, chromatography on DEAE-cellulose, and gel filtration; it permits large quantities of the material to be treated on a laboratory scale. The preparation of heme-rich hemopexin obtained was characterized by amino acid analysis and the following N-terminal amino acid sequence: Thr-Pro-Leu-Pro-Arg-Gly-Ser-Ala-His-Gly-Asn-Val-Ala-Glu-Gly-Glu-Thr(Thr)Thr-Asn-Pro-Asp-Val-(Gly)(Leu).