Collect. Czech. Chem. Commun. 1981, 46, 1607-1613

Neuroleptic agents derived from perathiepin: 6,7-Dichloro derivative of 10-(4-methylpiperazino)-10,11-dihydrodibenzo[b,f]thiepin and related compounds

Jiří Jílek, Josef Pomykáček, Jiřina Metyšová and Miroslav Protiva

Research Institute for Pharmacy and Biochemistry, 130 60 Prague 3


The reaction of 2,3-dichlorothiophenol with 2-iodobenzoic acid gave 2-(2,3-dichlorophenylthio)benzoic acid (V) which was transformed in four steps to the homological acid IX. Cyclization resulted in 6,7-dichlorodibenzo[b,f]thiepin-10(11H)-one (X) which was converted via the alcohol XI to the trichloro compound XII. Substitution reactions of XII with 1-methylpiperazine and 1-(2-hydroxyethyl)piperazine afforded the title compound I and its hydroxyethyl analogue II. Reaction of the ketone X with 1-methylpiperazine and titanium tetrachloride gave the enamine III. Compounds I-III exhibit mild central depressant and relatively strong cataleptic activity.