Collect. Czech. Chem. Commun. 1981, 46, 1332-1347

Study on the precision of the activated charcoal solvent desorption procedure - Correlation of desorption efficiencies

Martin Koval

Hygienická stanice města Ostravy, 728 56 Ostrava 1


The described method uses activated charcoal sampling tubes for air sampling. Adsorbed compounds are eluted by the static desorption procedure with 1 ml of carbon disulphide, 0.5 ml of the supernatant is filtered off and, after internal standard addition, analysed on a gas chromatograph. Using synthetic calibration mixtures of model organic compounds with air, cumulative sampling and desorption efficiencies for 24 substances were determined for concentration ranges and sample volumes according to current Czechoslovak hygienic standards. Experimental results were treated with the single factor analysis of variance and the precision of the described procedure was estimated for the studied model compounds on the basis of residual sums of squares. Calculated values of cumulative sampling and desorption efficiencies and their precisions were compared with available published data and an acceptable agreement was found. In addition to that, cumulative sampling and desorption efficiencies were also found to be significantly correlated to molar volumes and other related molecular properties for some types of compounds.