Collect. Czech. Chem. Commun. 1981, 46, 1210-1216

Xanthomegnin and viomellein derivatives from submerged cultures of the ascomycete Nannizzia cajetani

Petr Sedmeraa, Jindřich Volca, Jan Weijerb, Jindřich Vokouna and Vladimír Musíleka

a Institute of Microbiology, Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, 142 20 Prague 4, Czechoslovakia
b Department of Genetics, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada T6G 2E9


Antibacterial metabolites isolated from a submerged culture of the ascomycete Nannizzia cajetani AJELLO grown on wort medium were spectroscopically identified as dimeric naphthoquinone derivatives xanthomegnin (I), viomellein (II), 3,4-dehydroxanthomegnin (III) and two, not previously described pigments: 3',4'-dehydroviomellein (IV) and 3,4,3',4'-bisdehydroxanthomegnin (V).