Collect. Czech. Chem. Commun. 1981, 46, 823-832

Radical products of hydroxylamines, nitrones and spin adducts in the process of gradual oxidation with coordinated peroxy-radicals

Vlado Cholvada, Andrej Staškoa, Alexander Tkáča, Anatolii L. Buchanenkob and L'ubomír Malíka

a Physical Chemistry Department, Slovak Institute of Technology, 880 37 Bratislava
b Institute of Chemical Physics, Academy of Sciences of USSR, Moscow, USSR


Hydroxyperoxides and cobalt-coordinated peroxy-radicals oxidize hydroxyolamines as e.g. Et2NOH, (PhCH2)2NOH, PhCH2PhNOH to the respective nitrones, and the spin adducts - nitrone and peroxy-radical - are formed. In contrast to hydroxyperoxides the coordinated peroxy radicals can oxidize the formed spin adduct, the methylene or methine groups next to nitrogen being converted into carbonyl groups. The radical intermediates corresponding to individual steps of the gradual oxidation have been identified by means of EPR spectra.