Collect. Czech. Chem. Commun. 1980, 45, 2215-2218

Hydrogenolysis of nitrogen-containing compounds on cobalt-molybdenum catalysts

Mirko Černý

Institute of Chemical Process Fundamentals, Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, 165 02 Prague 6-Suchdol


Hydrogenolysis of N-(1-hexyl)piperidine, N-(1-pentyl)piperidine and 1-pentyl-1-hexylamine on sulphidized CoO-MoO3 catalysts has been investigated. The primary reaction in the hydrogenolysis is the cleavage of the bond between the nitrogen atom and the methylene group of the alkyl substituent or of the methylene ring. Alkylation and transalkylation reactions on the nitrogen play also a role.