Collect. Czech. Chem. Commun. 1980, 45, 3116-3129

Extraction of iron(III) from the citric medium by the toluene solution of trilaurylamine

Petr Vaňura and Libor Kuča

Nuclear Research Institute, 250 68 Řež


The composition of Fe(III) complexes extracted from the aqueous phase of constant ionic strength (1M-(H3,Na3,Fe)A, where H3A denotes citric acid) by the toluene solution of trilaurylamine (TLA) has been determined and the respective extraction constants have been calculated. In the concentration range cFe < 10-2 mol l-1 FeA(TLA)2 and FeA(TLA)4(H3A)2-4 are the predominant complexes in the organic phase. The abundance of the (FeA)3(TLA)6(H3A)2 complex in the organic phase increases at higher equilibrium concentrations of Fe(III) in the aqueous phase and at higher concentrations of TLA.