Collect. Czech. Chem. Commun. 1980, 45, 2919-2926

Capillary gas chromatography of trimethyl- and methylethylbiphenyls

Jan Novrocík and Marta Novrocíková

Research Institute for Coke Chemistry, Urxovy závody, 757 27 Valašské Meziříčí


Capillary gas-liquid chromatography with three columns impregnated with non-polar, medium and polar stationary phases has been used for determination of the Kováts indexes of methylethyl- and trimethylbiphenyls carrying the alkyl groups in the both rings. From elution data of isomeric methyl- and ethylbiphenyls the increments of methyl and ethyl groups have been determined, the theoretical Kováts indexes of the mentioned methylethyl- and trimethylbiphenyls have been calculated, and possibility of prediction and assessment of the Kováts indexes of these substances has been discussed. Parameters of the straight line given by the relation IApiez.L = k . Istat.phase(2) + q have been determined, and correlation coefficients of these relations have been estimated.