Collect. Czech. Chem. Commun. 1979, 44, 2261-2274

Alkaloids from Corydalis cava (L.) SCHW. et KOERTE

Jiří Slavík and Leonora Slavíková

Department of Medical Chemistry and Biochemistry, Purkyně University, 662 43 Brno


From the tubers of Corydalis cava (L.) SCHW. et KOERTE the following alkaloids were isolated: (+)-bulbocapnine, (+)-corydaline, (+)- and (±)-tetrahydropalmatine, (+)- and (±)-thalictricavine, (+)-corybulbine, corycavine, protopine, (+)-corypalmine, (±)- and (+)-isocorypalmine, (+)-corytuberine, (+)-corydine, (+)- and (±)-corycavidine, (+)-canadine, (+)-stylopine, (-)-scoulerine, capnoidine, dehydrocorydaline, corysamine, coptisine; further the following alkaloids not yet described as components of this plant: (+)-tetrahydrocorysamine, allocryptopine, palmatine, berberine, dehydrocorybulbine, dehydrothalictricavine, (+)-α-stylopine methohydroxide and the alkaloid CC2, as well as the new neutral alkaloids dehydroapocavidine, (+)-bulbocapnine methohydroxide, and α-tetrahydrocorysamine methohydroxide. Further the presence of apocavidine, columbamine, jatrorrhizine and magnoflorine was also proved. In the aerial parts (+)-bulbocapnine, (+)-stylopine, protopine, capnoidine, glaucine, domestine alkaloid CC1 (probably dehydrodomestine), predicentrine, isoboldine corydine, coptisine, corysamine and traces of bulbocapnine methohydroxide were found.