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Collect. Czech. Chem. Commun. 1968, 33, 2895-2901

Nucleophile aromatische Substitution in der Anthrachinonreihe I. Reaktionskinetik der 1- und 2-Halogenanthrachinone mit Piperidin

J. Mindl, J. Šlosar and M. Večeřa

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  • Arai Sadao, Hida Mitsuhiko, Yamagishi Takamichi, Ototake Satoshi: The Ullmann Condensation Reaction of Haloanthraquinone Derivatives with Amines in Aprotic Solvents. II. The Presence of an Induction Period in the Condensation with 2-Aminoethanol. BCSJ 1977, 50, 2982. <>